About our business

Advantis is one of the fastest growing debt collection agencies in the UK with a reputation that is founded on the consistent delivery of exceptional service, quality and performance.

Advantis collects overdue accounts on behalf of some of the largest blue chip companies in the country. Operating from our offices in Stoke-on-Trent Advantis was established in 2004 and now has over 200 employees, 150 of which are in its collections call centre.

Advantis has established a reputation for collections performance and service coupled with an exemplary compliance record. This has led to strong growth with clients across a wide range of industry sectors.

Our corporate mission is to:

“….make a significant contribution to the revenue streams of all of our clients through constructive engagement with their customers and the consistent delivery of market leading performance.”

Advantis’ key sectors are utilities, financial services, telecommunications, retail and the public sector where we work for many of the leading organisations in the UK.

Advantis provides contingency collections and trace and collect services to over 50 blue chip clients in the public sector, water, energy, telecoms, financial services and mail order industries collecting both consumer and business debts. Additionally we provide trace only and litigation services to our clients.

Exceptional performance is a key element of our service to clients and is monitored by our Commercial Analysts. Access to timely and detailed data helps us to amend collection strategies on an ongoing basis ensuring performance is always maximised.  We export data via a SQL server database to deliver fully-tailored Management Information and Integration to our clients systems, meaning that our clients are always fully aware of how we are performing on their accounts at all times.